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Kevin Simmons - A REAL Texan!  For ALL Texans!
In Simmons' view, the role of government in our day-to-day lives is simple. Less government involvement leads to a healthier more productive society. 
A Moderate Republican, Simmons primary areas of Legislative concern are;
  1. Public Education-School Vouchers
  2. Border Security
  3. Immigration
  4. Infrastructure

Our hearts and prayers go out to all of the victims, their families, and loved ones affected by the tragic assault on the children of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.  We stand with you and rebuke the heinous act of evil. 

I condemn any and all attacks on the innocent by evil doers. 

It is never okay to harm and

…much more…

It is never okay to take life from the innocent.

A number of Texas educators have recently expressed their disdain for my pro-gun stance.  Per request, it is only right to explain myself.  

Before I share my personal account, I want everyone to know I have not accepted a penny from ANY special interest group.  Nor am I endorsed by the gun lobby.  

I am rated for my personal beliefs, but I am clearly NOT endorsed by the gun lobby.  

However, my opponent, Representative Ron Simmons, IS endorsed by National Rifle Association and Texas State Rifle Association.

I explain myself near the end of this email.

I want to share a very personal account that happened to me in 1990 when I was a sophomore at Keller High School (KHS) in Keller, Texas.  It was Homecoming night.  

I had recently received my driver license.  Being that my birthday fell earlier than most of my classmates, I was the dedicated chauffeur for the evening.

My classmates and I made big plans for Homecoming night.  I received special permission from my parents to stay out until 11:00pm.  

I was taking orders based upon the wishes of my four (4) classmates/passengers to go to Homecoming.  

When we arrived, the streets were jammed packed full of cars with KHS stickers and school spirit.  

Look!  That is the head cheerleaders car!  Look!  That car!  That is the captain of the football team!  

Boy!  Oh, boy!  We are in for the time of our lives!  

As we made our way to the driveway towards the gateway of THE high school party to END all high school parties....there was a major commotion down the street.  

Wait...the commotion is right in front of me.  The sound of girls screaming.  The sound of windows being smashed.  What is happening? 

This is what happened....

I turned away from the house to look into the street behind me.  

At that very moment, my head erupted in pain with stars flashing inside my brain.  

Over and over the blows returned to my head and face exploded with pain, bright lights, screams…  

It would not stop!  What is...  Why?!?!  

God, please save me!  

I tried to yell, "STOP!!!!"  

But there were no teeth to hold my tongue in my mouth.  

Teeth, blood and my bottom lip flew away from my face.  

Later I would learn, no less than five (5) grown men and a handful of troubled high school students took their turns bashing my face in with their fists, a pipe and an assortment of beer bottles.  

It would help to share that I was 5-foot 5-inches and 125lbs during my sophomore year.  

My attackers succeeded in knocking out all of my adult teeth leaving me with a massive concussion and my bottom lip dangling from my face by a few millimeters of skin. 

Tiny blood vessels and nerves were dangling from where I used to have teeth.  

My face and shirt were completely splattered with blood, skin, and parts of teeth.  

My sky blue t-shirt was now stained completely black in the moonlight.  

By the grace of God, I was able to get away and managed to make it back to my 1986 Isuzu Trooper.  

My friends were standing by the car waiting for me wide eyed with fear upon seeing my condition.  

My friends piled into the vehicle….with me behind the wheel.  I was doing my best to drive safely without bleeding all over my car seat.  

I took each of my four passengers home one-by-one.  

With making the final stop, I found myself in my driveway.  

I hobbled over to my neighbor’s house.  The father of the family of five was a family practitioner and his wife, a nurse.   

I knocked on their door.  They welcomed me in, cleaned me up as best as they could, and called my parents over.  

After an awkward introduction, I spent the next 7-hours shared between a medical clinic and a dentist chair.  

I had eight (8) emergency root canals that night. 

In all of my reflection of the random act of gang violence, all I could think about was...I wish I had seen them coming.  

I wish I could have run away like my friends did.  

I wish I had something to protect myself with.  

I wish I had my teeth back.  

I wish my head would stop pounding with every beat of my heart.  

I think I am going to throw up again.  Please God, don’t let me puke again.  It hurts my brain so much to strain when I puke.  

I wish my lip did not have to be stitched back to my face. 

I wish I could have protected myself.  

Yes, good guys need guns to protect ourselves from the bad guys.  

This is not a hypothetical.  This is a real life or death account of my life.  

The worst part of it all is the bad guys were not prosecuted or even approached by authorities.

It is pure truth to state there are more of us good people in the world than there are bad guys, but there are bad guys in the world hell bent on doing harm to others.  

I know because I lived through a random act of gang violence.  

I know what it is like to have people try to beat the very life out of and attempt to kill me. 

There is a special place in hell for people that do evil. 

Yes, it is time to have a conversation about how to keep our educators and students safe. 

People should feel safe within their homes, schools and churches.  

With that said, it's wrong to assume I am an evil man because I am pro-gun.  Let me explain.

When I state that I am pro-gun, my opinion comes from a source of personal experience that fortunately less than 1% of humanity will ever experience.  

Until someone has tried to take your life, you have absolutely no idea how it truly feels to be in complete and total desolate fear for your own life.  

I know what it feels like.  

I have lived it.

I ate through a straw for six (6) months.


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